SOFYSIO physiotherapy is present at three location in Wageningen, which all have their specificity and advantages.

Physiotherapy in the medical centre Kortenoord

Your health is the most important thing for the Kortenoord medical center. In the medical center SOFYSIO collaborates in health programs with the aim of improving the quality of treatments for patients.

Within a health programme, different specialists work together to treat and take care of you. You can think of a collaboration between general practitioners, hospital specialists, physiotherapists, dietitians, podiatrist, psychologists.

We see you as a person and therefore more than just your illness. Our concern ties in with that. We want to understand you and help you understand what is going on. We listen to what matters most to you. And we determine together what is optimal for you.

Physiotherapy in sport centre MyLife (Plataan)

The best fitness and sports center in Wageningen is MyLife! and that’s where we have our second practice. It is the ideal place to accompany you in your recovery, alone or in a group.
We can use all the equipment there during your treatment and offer you advantages at MYLIFE as a patient of SOFYSIO.
Our life coach Nicole Lucas is also available to support you in your recovery.

Physiotherapy on the campus of Wageningen University

The Wageningen University has its own medical center. Our practice is situated in the Student Medical Center, in the Nexus building. Being close to you and being able to talk foreign language (Dutch, English or French) allow us to understand your needs, your issues and find together the best way to recover.

What ever location you need, just contact us via and we will be happy to help you.