Sophie Gaillarde – Martrille / practice owner
Physio- and Orofacial therapist MSc. (read article)
Oedeem and oncology therapist
BIG register 29061802904
Member of KNGF (Fysiotherapie) CKR (Centraal Kwaliteitregister)
NVOF (Orofacial fysiotherapie)NVFL (lymfoedeem oncologie fysiotherapie)

Marieke van Velsen, Physiotherapist
BIG register 19923360704
Member of KNGF (Fysiotherapie) CKR (Centraal Kwaliteitregister)
NVFL (lymfoedeem oncologie fysiotherapie) IO


Jürgen van der Rijst, Sport Physiotherapist IO
Member of KNGF (Fysiotherapie) 

Suzy Landman, Physio- and Manual therapestt MSc.
Shoulder specialist (Schouder netwerk), McKenzie
BIG register 69912645504
Member of KNGF (Fysiotherapie) CKR (Centraal Kwaliteitregister)




Ingeborg van den Hove Kok, Physio- and Manual therapist MSc. and Orofacial therapist
BIG register 69042774504
Member KNGF (Fysiotherapie) CKR (Centraal Kwaliteitregister) – NVMT (Manuele therapie)
NVOF (Orofacial fysiotherapie)

Nicole Jacobs Lucas, Life style coach & Fitness Instructor

Jeanet Verschuur, Administration & Secretariat

Marian Bregman, Administration & Secretariat